I design official websites for private enterprises and government offices, business websites' design direction, and digital signage.
My chief concern is to provide a comfortable user experience for the target audience and to anticipate the devices they'll use and the occasions they'll use it in.

    • The man who has given up on anger
    • All About Japan Official Website, 2015

      Direction, Design, Markup

      All About Japan and Japanese stuff! Find anime, music, castles, food, restaurants, videos, shopping, travel tips and more.

    • Taste of Japan Official Website
    • Taste of Japan Official Website, 2017

      Direction, Design

      Taste of Japan, a Japanese cuisine information website, provides a plenty of information including those on Japanese restaurants in all over the world, simple recipes for Japanese cuisines, and on distributors of Japanese ingredients.This is an information portal site for Japanese cuisine providing a variety of information for viewers to enjoy and cook Japanese cuisines.

    • Local Creators Market
    • Five Fabulous Finds | Local Creators Market, 2018

      Direction, Design, Markup

      Local Creators’ Market is a project aims to strengthen ties between the localities where craft traditions are upheld, the creators who live there carrying on those skills and know-how, and potential markets for them beyond Japan.